Difference Digital are specialist headhunters, focused on improving diversity in the tech industry

We practice conscientious recruitment, to find candidates with a diversity of backgrounds, experiences and and outlooks.


We believe that more diverse tech teams deliver better results. Inclusivity promotes progress. 

The boldest, most enterprising candidates won’t necessarily look like you, or have a background like yours, but they will bring energy, creativity and an appetite for ideas that will propel your business in new directions. 

We help you find those people.  We’re technologists ourselves. We understand the problems you need to solve. 

Get in touch: hello@makeadifference.digital

Good recruitment means understanding your culture

Before we start looking for candidates, we need to understand what makes your business tick.

Good recruitment isn’t copying-and-pasting CVs and LinkedIn profiles, it depends on properly understanding your culture, standards, ethics and corporate dynamics. 

From the start of an engagement, we make a point of embedding ourselves in your company culture to observe and understand. The better we understand you, the better candidates we will be about to find.

We can help you:

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